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ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency)

ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency) Sl. No Hnathawh tlangpui te 1 Loneitute hnena inzirtirna pek leh agriculture kaihhnawih thiamna in zirtir 2 Loneitute in hmuhkhawm leh thiam thil in kawhhmuh tawnna neih 3 Loneitute thlai chingtute leh agriculture lam a mithiam bikte in dawr tawn

Tarchhuah ni: 02/08/2019
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RKVY (Rashtrya Krishi Vikas Yojona)

RKVY (Rashtrya Krishi Vikas Yojona) Sl. No Brief Highlights 1 Construction of WRC-I&II, Field Channel and repairing of existing WRC. 2 Construction Water Harvesting Structure 3 Assistance in terms of Subsidy for Farm implements like Power Tiller, Water pump, sugarcance crusher, Sprayer. 4 Assistance in terms of Subsidy for PP Chemicals and Bio Fertilizers. 5 Assistance for establishment of Custom hiring system.

Tarchhuah ni: 07/05/2019
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