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Border Area Development Programme ( BADP )

Siaha District Border Area Development Programme (BADP)   Border Area Development Programme ( BADP )  hi Hmar lamah hmang tanin, ram siam that leh enkawl that te, ramri hnaiha cheng mipuite thlamuang tak leh him tak an cheng theih nan a enkawl te a ni. He Programme hi khaw 17 ah kjal pui niin pakistan,China,Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar leh Bangladesh te hi ram thenawm a ani. He programme hian ram ri bul…

Tarchhuah ni: 02/08/2019
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ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency)

ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency) Sl. No Hnathawh tlangpui te 1 Loneitute hnena inzirtirna pek leh agriculture kaihhnawih thiamna in zirtir 2 Loneitute in hmuhkhawm leh thiam thil in kawhhmuh tawnna neih 3 Loneitute thlai chingtute leh agriculture lam a mithiam bikte in dawr tawn

Tarchhuah ni: 02/08/2019
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Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (BBBP)

Introduction: Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao BBBP scheme hi January 22, 2015 khan Haryana-ah Prime Minister Narendra Modi-a’n a hawng a; India ram chhunga District hrang hrang 100-ah bul tan a ni. Heng District 100 zingah hian Siaha District pawh a tel. Mipa naupang 1000 zela chhutin hmeichhe naupang hi kan District chhungah hian an tlem hle a, a chunga kan tarlan (CSR) khi a ni e….

Tarchhuah ni: 24/06/2019
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Integrated Watershed Management Programme(IWMP)

Thiltum te The main objectives of the IWMP are to restore the ecological balance by harnessing, conserving and developing degraded natural resources such vegetative cover and water. The outcomes are prevention of soil run-off, regeneration of natural vegetation, rain water harvesting and recharging of ground water table. This enables multi cropping and the introduction of diverse agro based activities, which help to provide sustainable livelihoods to the people residing in…

Tarchhuah ni: 15/03/2018
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