Rokhawmtu nihna(Legal heir Certificate)

Mara Autonomous District Council, Judicial Magistrate ataning heng Legal Heir Certificate hi pekchhuah a ni.

A dilhna hi Lehkha pheka ziaha heng ahnuaia hming tarlan a hian thehlu mai tur a ni –

District Council  Judicial Magistrate
MADC, Siaha
Siaha District, Mizoram 

Documents pawimawh thil tel ngai te –

  1. Death Certificate of the current property owner
  2. LSC Xerox Copy
  3. Voter ID of the Applicant
  4. Endorsement letter from MTP
  5. Endorsement letter from Village Council
  6. No Objection Certificate from siblings, parents, relatives whom the applicant lives with.

MADC Judicial Branch Office

Judicial Department MADC Office Council Vaih, Siaha District, Mizoram
A Hmun : Council Vaih | Khua : Siaha | PIN Code : 796901
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