DIET Siaha is originally established as Mini DIET/District Resource Centre in 2004. Finally it was upgraded to District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in December,29, 2012 by Teachers Education Approval Board (TEAB) under MHRD.

DIET, Siaha is presently situated at Siahatla,Near KVK Siaha


The following goals are expected to be achieved by the DIETs:

  1. Provide leadership in innovating pre-service elementary teacher training.
  2. Contribute to development of quality learning materials for elementary education.
  3. Carry out innovations for improving the functioning of elementary schools.
  4. Conduct in-service training programmes to elementary school of teachers.
  5. Carry out field base empirical studies to improve the primary schools.
  6. Train functionaries in NFE and adult education.
  7. Provide support to district authorities in planning in Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE).

DIET will organised two years teacher training programme of or around 50 students. The minimum academic qualification for admission is senior secondary schooling. The curriculum to be followed in DIETS shall be approved by NCTE in due course of time.

Contact Information:

Postal Address:

Office of the Principal
District Institute of Education & Training (DIET)
College Vaih, Siaha -796901, Mizoram

Phone –   03835-222860
Fax      –   03835-222861
Email  –   dietsaiha[at]gmail[dot]com
Website –   Visit – Diet Siaha Website 


DIET, Siaha is well -equipped with Library books for the benefit of the trainees  enrolled under different programmes in the institution. Till date , DIET, Siaha has procured more than 10405 volumes of Books for institution Library.20 Magazines and 3 Daily Newspapers have been subscribed. DIET, Siaha Library is already digitized by Using Library Digitization System. 

Name  Designation Qualification Contact Number
H Lalfakzuala  Principal  MA. B.Ed, DEPA 9436149320
Sahlo Bohia  Lecturer  MA. B.Ed 9436149355
KC.Tualzaliana  Lecturer  MA. B.Ed, DEPA 9436149125
HP. Lalremtluanga  Lecturer  M.Sc. M.Ed 9436157957
Vanlalngaihawma zadeng  Lecturer  MA. B.Ed 9436370452
Vanzama  Lecturer  MA. B.Ed 9436196044
Lalsiamliana  Lecturer  M.A. B.Ed. NET 8413062723
R. Zoliansanga  Lecturer  M.A. B.Ed. SLET 9436771148
C. Laldinmawii  Lecturer  MA. B.Ed 9436774082
Dorene B Lalchhanhimi Solo  Lecturer  MA. B.Ed 9436379343
Rebecca lalhmachhuani Fanai  Lecturer  MA. B.Ed 9436140148
Vanlalchami Hnialum  Lecturer  MA. B.Ed 9436362766
C Laitha  Lecturer  M.Sc. B.Ed 9612692678
C Denis Ngolai   Lecturer  M.Sc. B.Ed 8974945757
Allison Byhnasa  Lecturer  MA. B.Ed 9436762904
Sushma Thapa  Hindi Instructor B.A (Hindi)  
HT. Lalhmingmawia  Accountant  B.A. 9612235730
Lalrotluanga  Librarian  B.A. M.Lib. 8974304776
C. Lalmuansanga  UDC  B.A. 9436387821
Venus Lalmalsawmi  Stenographer  B.Com,Steno G-III 8794539484
B. Vanlalchhunga  LDC  B.A. 8974859534
C. Sanduailova  LDC  B.A. 9485083141
Lalhmangaihsangi  LDC  HSSLC 9402588516
Lalhmingmawia Sailo Data Entry Operator  B.A. 8014197768
V. Zachhunga IVth, Grade  Cl-VIII 8730094581
F. Ramhmachhuana IVth, Grade  Cl-X 8974285619
Thanglawta IVth, Grade  Cl-VIII 9436387330
Saibuanga Sailo Chowkidar Cl-VIII 9862763661