Elected MDCs in MADC

List Of Elected MDC and their Designation, Contact number and address

Sl/No Name Designation Constituency Address Contact Number
1 N Zakhai Chief Executive Member Amobyuh  CEM Bungalow, Council Vaih 8132834740(M) / 03835-222021(O)
2 H Sahlo Chairman Meisavaih Meisavaih West 9436149634(M) / 03835-222023(O)
3 K Pawhnie Deputy Chairman Phura College Vaih 9436393951(M) / 03835-222567(O)
4 K Hrahmo Executive Member i/c Education etc. Chakhei College Vaih 8132834820(M) / 03835-226248(O)
5 MH Tiabi Executive Member i/c LAD etc. Chhaolo New Siaha West 9436149214(M) / 03835-226254(O)
6 K Chhuabei Executive Member i/c PWD etc. Vahia New Colony-II 9436379014(M) / 03835-226246(O)
7 VB Byhna Executive Member i/c Rural Dev. etc. New Colony  New Colony – I 9436149014(M) / 03835-226249(O)
8 KH Beihlo Executive Member i/c Agriculture etc. Council Vaih New Colony – II 9436149164(M) / 03835-224027(O)
9 F Lawmkima Executive Member i/c Forest etc. Tipa – I EM Qtr, Council Vaih 8414045955(M) / 03835-226252(O)
10 V Vanhupa Executive Member i/c Revenue etc. College Vaih – II  College Vaih – II 9436362799(M) / 03835-224025(O)
11 Beirahmo Syhly Executive Member i/c Sports etc. Laty Siaha Vaihpi – III 9436764971(M) / 03835-224003(O)
12 L Prisila Executive Member i/c Social Welfare etc. Zyhno EM Qtr, Council Vaih 9485313688(M) / 03835-224024(O)
13 Ng Sila Vice Chairman (Planning) College Vaih – I College Vaih – I 9612216283(M) / 03835-222452(O)
14 K Siakhai Adviser to CEM Tipa – II New Siaha 8974605244(M) / 03835-22426(O)
15 H Hrangchuanga Deputy Chief Whip New Siaha New Siaha East 9402188576(M) / 03835-222607(O)
16 Tiahlei Syuhlo Chairman Town Committee Tisi College Vaih – II 9436781455(M) / 03835-226251(O)
17 T Seido MDC Laki New Colony 8132810799
18 HC Lalmalsawma Zasai MDC & Opposition Leader Amotla Council Vaih 9436149008
19 K Chiama MDC Siaha Vaihpi Siaha Vaihpi – I 9436149063
20 FC Rehmo MDC Chapi College Vaih-I 8794153102
21 L Khaichyu MDC Siata College Vaih – II 9436149111
22 KL Bana  MDC Tokalo New Colony – III 8415062341
23 HC Biakcheuva MDC Siahatla Siahatla – II 9436149043
24 N Lalrosanga MDC No-aotla New Siaha 8974218309
25 B Luaha MDC Saikao New Colony 9862846527