Places of Interest

Places of Interest inside Siaha District, Siaha

Pala Tipo (Lake)

Pala Tipo or Pala Lake is the biggest Lake in the State of Mizoram and it is situated in the Western part of Siaha District near Maraland’s Barn Town of Phura and covers an area of 30 Ha. The Lake is surrounded by thick a forest unspoilt by the so called modern man, his machines and technologies. The lake is around 2 square kilometres, elephants and many more wild animals are found around this lake. The government of Mizoram is plannig to decorate more and to beautify with the stae of the modern amusements and many entertaintments around this lake apart from the existing tourist lodge run and maintained by the autonomous government of Maraland.

Pala Tipo
Pala Tipo – The Largest Lake in Mizoram

Lorrain Ville, Saikao

The Missionaries to Maraland chose to centered their mission headquarter in this town due to it’s geographical location and the language of the people in this town. The missionaries’ House which was built some 60 years ago is still intact and is one of the most tourist visited places. It is built purely on wood imported from thick forest in Myanmar. This town is the headquarters of Congregational Church of India, Maraland, it is the second biggest church denomination within Maraland. Lorrain Ville is a very scenic and beautiful street where London missionaries have been living from 1920s. The cemetary of the departed missionaries is one of the most visited sites within this town apart from Lorrain Ville.

Entry Gate of Mission Bungalow

This is an ancient town where one of the first three mission pioneers in Mizoram had chosen to evangelize the Mara tribes who are different from the tribes like Lusheis, Paites, Hmar in the northern part of Mizoram in language, culture, stature, etc, etc. The missionaries’ House built in 1920s is still intact and is unique in nature; Though it was constructed purely using woods, without a single usage of bricks, cements, iron rods, etc, but have endured the time and seasons. It is declared a monument of district importance and is protected by the Archeological Survey of Maraland. It is one of the most tourist visited sites along with the cemetary of the Maraland missionaries.

Mission Bungalow, Lorrainville, Saikao
Mount Mawma

Mount Mawma is the third-highest mountain in Mizoram state of north-east India. It is the highest mountain within Mara Autonomous District Council. Situated in the south-eastern part of Mizoram state, it is just 15 kilometres from India’s international boundary with Myanmar, formerly Burma. Below two kilometres of Mount Mawma lies Chakhei, a town where a well-furnished guest-house is located. Mount Mawma is 6,725 feet (2,050 metres) above sea level. During winter, Bangladesh plains, as well as many parts of Western Myanmar, are visible.

Mt. Mawma
Mount Mawma