List Of Important Officer In charge with Designation, Contact number and address of Siaha

Name Designation Email Address Phone Fax
Vikram Singh, IPS Superintendent of Police  sp-siaha[at]mizoram[dot]gov[dot]in SP Office, Siaha 8750871009 03835222062
Tlualaisa Hlychho, MPS Addl. Superintendent of Police chhospaw1[at]gmail[dot]com SP Office, Siaha 8974304733 03835222062
Robert S Beihrosa, MPS Dy. Superintendent of Police robertsolo743[at]gmail[dot]com SP Office, Siaha 7005735317 03835222062
David J Byhnadaolai, MPS SDPO vidajby[at]gmail[dot]com SP Office, Siaha 8974762412 03835222062