Name of Department : Taxation Department: Siaha Zone, Siaha

Name of office :  Office of the Assistant Commissioner of Taxes, Siaha Zone.

Year of establishment :

Office of the Taxation Unit, Siaha was opened on 1st April 1994 and it was upgraded to Circle Office on 25th September 2000, and the same has been upgraded to the Zonal Office on 15th February 2011.

The Taxation Zonal Office, Siaha has now been equipped with e-services such as VATSoft, e-registration, e-waybill, e-return, e-payment and certain declaration forms like Form ‘C’,Form ‘F’ etc. The same e-services facilities have been made available to all the registered dealers.

Staff Position :

The current strength of the office/staff is twelve (12) and it is headed by the Assistant Commissioner of Taxes.

Nature of Work :

To collect the government revenue, conduct verification and inspection against dealers for registration and defaulters etc.

General Achievement:

Since the inception of the Department, the yearly targets on government revenue collection and other related works have been achieved and met in accordance with the prescribed target on a timely basis.

The following Act and Rules are enforced to collect the government revenue in Siaha District:-

  1. The Mizoram Value Added Tax Act, 2005 with rules.
  2. The Mizoram Sales of Petroleum and Petroleum Products including Motor Spirits and Lubricants Taxation Act, 1973 with Rules.
  3. The Mizoram Entertainment Tax Act, 2013 with Rules.
  4. The Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 with Rules.
District Taxation Office

Assistant Commissioner of Taxes Office

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