Head of Offices

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Head of Offices
Profile Picture Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
No Image V.Lalsawma Manager, Mizofed 03835-222037
No Image AM. Golasangi SDE, Telecom 9436743553
No Image ST.Lalnunmawia Manager, IDBI 03835-226533
No Image Zomuanpuii Manager, MRB, Vengpui Branch 03835-222285
No Image C.Vanlalthlana Manager, MRB, New Saiha Branch 9402179608
No Image Paul Rokhuma Manager, MCAB 9436360045
No Image Lalhminghluna Fanai Manager, SBI 8730003934
No Image OC, Snehal Rathor Commander, 1st AR 9401099673
No Image Dr. H.Vanlalhmuliana DPC, KVK 9436709072
No Image Thangmawia OC, MRHG 9862384846