Hon’ble Mos Dr.K.Beichhua Takes Geologists To The “Sinking Areas” Of Siaha Town

Publish Date : 01/11/2019

Siaha; the 31st October,2019 : Hon’ble MoS Dr.K.Beichhua visited SINKING AREAS of Siaha Town and along he took Geologists who were invited to do Preliminary Observation.

Even though Government has taken some preventive and mitigative Measures now and then. Lasting solution to mitigate or put a stop to the sinking activities was not yet achieved.

Nature’s fury in the form of landmass sinking and its devastating impacts on the peoples living in this sinking areas has been firmly entrenched for so long.This could be attributed to absence of large scale undertakings to solve this sinking problem once and for all.

Minister’s visits to the sinking site, today was construed as a harbinger of Permanent solution to their sufferings by the peoples living in and around sinking area, and they heave a sigh of relief.

Based on Primilinary Observation reports, Central Gov’t would send team of experts to study in details; and submit reports to concerned Authority under GoM and DPR will be prepared accordingly by the GoM and submitted to the Concerned Ministry under Central Government.

Minister was accompanied by Team of experts led by Dr.H.Lallenmawia, Senior Consultant, DM&R Department, GoM and the team comprised Pu Kenneth Chakma, Geologist, Geological Survey of India, Dr.J.Malsawma, Asst.Professor, Mizoram University and Er. Lalbuatsaiha Hnamte, Zofa Consultancy Services.Apart from team of experts, minister was also flanked by K. Biakcheuva, MDC and Pu N.Lalrosanga.MDC and some officials.