Publish Date : 23/04/2021

Siaha; April 9, 2021: A quarterly meeting of the District Consultative Committee, District Level Review Committee, and District Level Security Committee were held at DC’s Conference Hall, here at Siaha, today. The meeting was presided over by Shri. Kesavan R, IAS Deputy Commissioner and Chairman of DCC/DLRC/DLSC for Siaha district.

The Agenda for today’s meeting were

1) Adoption of last DCC meeting: Minutes of the last DCC meeting held on 29/10/2020 were circulated to all the members prior to today’s meeting and since no comments/remarks for its correction arose from the members, it was adopted in toto.

2) Security Related Issues

3) Cash/Currency Management-Remittance Issues

4) Credit link under PMAY(Housing for all)

5) Women Self Help Group

6) Review of CD Ratio/AGL Advance/Priority Sector Advance Overall District performance
– 2nd quarter —83.23%
– 3rd quarter—75.10%

7) Review of Achievement under KCC target:2020-2021
Overall district performance
– 2nd quarter—49%
– 3rd quarter—-49%

8) Review of Achievement under Education Loan/Housing Loan Target:2020-2021
Overall district performance

Education Loan
– 2nd quarter—-1%
– 3rd quarter—Nil

Housing segment
– 2nd quarter—-150%
– 3rd quarter—–85%

9) Review of Achievement under SEP of NULM
– 2nd quarter—-Rs.259.58lakhs
– 3rd quarter—-Rs.410.78lakhs

10) Review of Achievement under SHG Credit linkage:
– 2nd quarter—Rs.165.48 Lakhs
– 3rd quarter—Rs.84.80lakhs

11) Review of performance of Banks under PMEGP:
– 2nd quarter— Rs.159lakhs
– 3rd quarter— Rs.10lakhs

12) Review of performance of Banks under PMMY(MUDRA)
– 2nd quarter—Rs.158 lakhs
– 3rd quarter—Rs.192.97 lakhs

13) Review of performance of Banks under PM’s Social Security Scheme
– PMSBY—(2nd quarter–3226 & 3rd quarter—2497),
– PMJJBY( 2nd quarter–2850/3rd quarter–2297)
– APY—(2nd quarter–210/3rd quarter—134), PMJDY—(2nd quarter–31141/3rd quarter—31141)

14) Review of the status of Financial inclusion/conducting FLC camp/RSETI etc
– 2nd quarter—Nil
– 3rd quarter—-Nil

15) Installation of ATM at Zyhno village Since there was no Bank at Zyhno village, MRB was entrusted to appoint BC/CSP therein.

16) Any other matter with the permission of the Chair There are 6 Banks at Siaha town and some Banks demand NOC of others 5 Banks from loan applicants, and they also issued NOC with Exorbitant rate as well, and grievances on this issue and lack of customers care were raised.

In today’s meeting, Potential Linked Credit Plan 2021-2022 was launched by Chairman and DC Shri. Kesavan R, IAS. Shri.Diptesh Saha, Manager RBI and LBO for Siaha & Lawngtlai district, Shri.Lawmkima, Lead Bank Manager, for Siaha &Lawngtlai District and Shri. Evan T.Munsong, District Development Manager, NABARD, Lunglei graced today’s meeting.