Siaha Mla Constituency Is Gearing Up For Mizoram State Games-2019

Publish Date : 28/10/2019

Siaha; the 25th October,2019:
Games Committee under SIAHA MLA Constituency held its first meeting, chaired by Working chairman, Pu Bhupesh Chaudhary IAS, Deputy Commissioner of Siaha; to prepare for the forthcoming 3rd Mizoram State Games-2019.

The meeting was well attended by representatives of existing 15 Sports Associations in Siaha District, NGOs,District Sports Commitee and concerned officials.

The meeting decided that each Sports association selected sports persons from their respective associations and rest of the sports person who were not affiliated to any of Sports association be identified and selected by Games Committee itself. The meeting also decided to make sure that sports persons from Siaha MLA constituency participated in as many games items as possible out of 32 items.

The next meeting will be held in the first week of November and each sports association was expected to come up with their respective selection list in details.In the mean time virtual meeting will be held frequently through WhatsApp group created solely for this purpose in order to smoothen the meetimg and get the best decision in the next meeting.


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