Sports Minister Pu Robert Romawia Royte Visits Meisatla Field,Siaha

Publish Date : 30/10/2019

Siaha; the 29th October,2019 : Sports Minister Pu Robert Romawia Royte,on the vehement request of Siaha District Sports Committee(SDSC) and Siaha District Football Association(SDFA) visited Meisatla Field located at the outskirt of Siaha Town.The said field was selected for laying of Artro turf and was dressing it up for that purpose since last year. However, dressing works of Meisatla field has been discontinued for quite a long time.

SDSC leh SDFA leaders informed the Minister that the contractor, Great Sports Infra ltd, Hyderabad not only discontinued their dressing works but also failed to conform with the standard and specification laid down in the Design and Estimate of the project; in some portion of the works they had already completed so far. They ,therefore requested the Minister to intervene in this project and they opined that even though the project was not under his purview, he being a sports minister mandated that he took a necesssary measure at this crucial juncture.
Sports Minister assured the leaders of Sports associations that he would inform and discuss with Deputy Chief Minister and concerned officials about his visit and findings; and explore what could be done.

A fund to the tune of more than Rs.6 crore was sanctioned for Astro turf lying project under NEDP- the Previous Ministry’s Pilot project; and UD&DA is the nodal Department of this project.