Mount Mawma

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Mount Mawma is the third-highest mountain in Mizoram state of north-east India. It is the highest mountain within Mara Autonomous District Council. Situated in the south-eastern part of Mizoram state, it is just 15 kilometres from India’s international boundary with Myanmar, formerly Burma.

Below two kilometres of Mount Mawma lies Chakhei, a town where a well-furnished guest-house is located. Mount Mawma is 6,725 feet (2,050 metres) above sea level. During winter, Bangladesh plains, as well as many parts of Western Myanmar, are visible.

In the local language, it is known as Maumae Tlah (Mount Maumae).

Photo Gallery

  • Siaha
    Siaha Town
  • Mara La
  • Pala Lake
    Pala Tipo

How to Reach:

By Air

Lengpui Airport, Aizawl is the nearest Airport

By Train

Silchar, Assam is the nearest Railway Station.

By Road

It is Located Eastern Region from District Capital Siaha, 78 Km by Road Transport. It can reach by any vehicles